A car is an important investment that requires proper care and maintenance for it to serve you well. Other than keeping the outside appearance of your car clean and nice all the time, regular maintenance of the interior parts is very also important to make sure they are in good shape. While professional cleaning from a car wash service is a practical choice, some car owners prefer the DIY way by using the right products and equipment.


Car cleaning particularly the inner part takes a variety of time and effort. Today, we are going to share some of the basic vehicle cleaning tips including steps and recommendations regarding how to effectively clean your car interiors. So keep reading on!


Totally Vacuum The Interior


The very first thing you need to do is to completely vacuum your interior including the dash, the vents or anything where dust can accumulate. Use your brush attachment on your vacuum and go ahead vacuum starting from the top to down.


Use Cleaning Products


Once you get all the loose dust off, then you can proceed to use a cleaner. Use a microfiber cleaner to wipe the vinyl and fabric. You may different car care products for your interior depending on the areas you are cleaning. There are specific interior detailing and cleaning products for carpet, upholstery, fabric material and glass. To save money, find something with good cleaning abilities, provides nice matte finish, non slippery and can be used on other parts as well without worrying.



Use Cleaning Brush


After vacuuming and wiping, use appropriate brushes to clean your vents, crevices and other parts that need brushing. So basically, use light brush for easy dust and strong brush for stubborn dirt. Find one that works for you and for your car. Each car is different and has its specific needs. The brush is suitable to get rid of scratches and help with interior corners. You can apply the dressing on a specific area by spraying it into the brush.


Clean And Condition Car Seats


Some seats require special care and frequent cleaning and conditioning. First, get all the dust or little particles off and make sure to get them out of the scenes. Once you do that, you’re ready to use a cleaning and conditioning product. Spray it all over your seats and use a little soft brush and wipe off with a microfiber. To polish your leather seats, apply a little amount of leather cleaner with weather condition shield using your microfiber.


Eliminate The Odor


Bad odor in your car is not so cool and worse, you can’t escape from them. To keep the fresh and nice smell in your car as well as eliminate the odors permanently, we recommend you to use air fresheners or odor eliminating spray which is available in different scents to match your own preference.


The trick to doing your interior is taking your time and being thorough. I hope you find the above tips useful and help you to understand how to properly clean your car interior.

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